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Getting Started with LegendKeeper for D&D

LegendKeeper for D&D

Are you looking for an easy way to build and manage worlds for your Dungeons & Dragons campaign? Look no further than LegendKeeper.

“Discover the ultimate worldbuilding tool for game-masters and storytellers”

LegendKeeper is an app with top-tier tools for worldbuilding and RPG campaign management. While it may not have the endless possibilities of something like Obsidian, it’s far easier to get started and to share with others.

The Power of Mapping

Taking actions on a map image: smooth zooming, clicking on a pin to open a sidebar of information about it, and right-clicking to add a brand-new pin.

The Atlas is hard to beat. Upload your map, add/customize pins with simple actions, and link them to your wiki—all in a fast and smooth user experience, second to none. Edit or hide your pins. Clicking on a pin opens a nice side drawer where you can view the linked page and even edit it.

The Power of Linking

Typing and linking pages through the various methods mentioned below.

LegendKeeper is always working in the background to detect links to existing pages. To link to another page, start with the @ mention system, hover previews, or through the auto-link tool. Link to a page that doesn’t exist yet by using square brackets around the name [[New Page]]. Click to create.

Hovering over various links and showing a modal that previews the next page.

Any linked (or detected potential link) page will generate a highly accessible preview of that page for quick referencing without switching which page you’re on. This makes navigating your notes during the game a breeze.

The Power of Permissions

A series of actions described in the paragraphs below.

A big benefit of LegendKeeper over something like Obsidian is how easy it is to share with other people. Share your pages by inviting users and setting granular permissions on what each can see and edit. Want to share your pages with anyone? You can by sharing the project on the web! Managing these permissions is easier than ever.

With a single click, you can hide or reveal your pages and tabs. Get even more granular by editing permissions for a single page. Need a secret within a shared page? Easily done with LegendKeeper’s in-line secrets.

Other Fun Features

This quick list barely scratches the surface.

LegendKeeper provides a superior product with almost no learning curve. You can dive in immediately to plan your games and build your worlds, while the tools stay out of your way. Few toolsets provide such intuitive yet powerful workflows.

Try out LegendKeeper today.

Game on.