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Chronicle RPG Adventures with Discord Embeds

Discord’s built-in embeds are a great way to chronicle your RPG adventures. Give weight to the moments that matter and impress your players with a better experience.

Screenshot of a Discord embed describing a Long Rest with links and images

Embeds are a stylized way to post content to a Discord channel. They can include titles, links, text, key-value pairs, images, and more. These really help to separate casual conversation from important chronicled game events. To go a step further, post them to a channel that no one else can send messages to—a read-only channel. This creates a place where it’s easy to look back across previous posts.

How to Post Embeds

For you Obsidian users, check out my Obsidian Discord Share plugin. One of the commands allows you to send embeds using a note’s frontmatter. This method allows you to also keep a local record of each embed sent without having to look through Discord.

Not an Obsidian user? No problem. Just head on over to Discohook. Here, you’ll be able to get a nice preview of what the embed should look like once it’s posted.

Confused about webhooks? Start here.


You can use embeds for anything. But here are a few valuable examples.

Embeds are a great way to add value without a lot of extra work. Experiment with them and see what your group likes.

Game on.