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Scattered Series of the Infinite Wizard

This was from a rejected pitch to a TTRPG zine. I liked the idea too much to let it go. I’ve fleshed it out with all twelve locations and flavorful aspects. Enjoy!

The Scattered Series of the Infinite Wizard is a series of twelve magical books scattered throughout the world. Written centuries ago by one calling himself the Infinite Wizard, each details a different area of his mansion while also allowing direct teleportation to and from it. The magical mansion is hidden in a pocket dimension and only accessible through these volumes.

If you stumbled across Scattered Series of the Infinite Wizard Volume III, you’d gain access to an area of the mansion that he calls the Dragon Observatory. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t lead anywhere else unless you acquired more volumes. If you acquired Volume IV, you’d be able to move from this observatory to the Laboratory of Chaotic Oozes.

Each room is a fantastic location unto itself while the collected volumes begin to build the larger fantastic location they belong to. It’s rumored that a complete collection of the Scattered Series of the Infinite Wizard unlocks far more than just all twelve locations detailed within—possibly the Infinite Wizard himself.

Collected Works

Volume I: Foyer of Fear. Six Gargoyle Statues (menacing looks, surround a central pedestal with a flower).

Volume II: Hall of Heresy. Ruined paintings of historical figures (knives sticking out, mustaches drawn on, X’s over the eyes, etc).

Volume III: Dragon Observatory. Two giant telescopes (one can see a chromatic dragon somewhere in the world, one sees a metallic one).

Volume IV: Laboratory of Chaotic Oozes. Tables with bubbling experiments (unpredictable oozes climb in and out of test tubes).

Volume V: Flumph Hearth. Lone hearth (fire reduced to embers). Flumph on the mantle (curious and inquisitive).

Volume VI: Owlbear Study. Seated owlbear (wearing spectacles and reading). Oaken desk (remains of a smoking pipe and a stack of books).

Volume VII: Cracked Chapel. Large crack (two feet deep, divides the room). Cracked altar (religious tome split in two, remains of old candles).

Volume VIII: Wardrobe of Dazzling Wonder. Rows and rows of clothes (dazzling colors, soft plush carpet). Mirrors (every shape and size).

Volume IX: Pocket Bed Chamber. Small clamshell (opens to reveal miniature bed chamber). Pocket-sized furnishings (furniture, a burning hearth, and a table of food).

Volume X: Skeleton Treasury. Three skeleton accountants (counting coins and marking books). Overflowing chests (burst open, gems, gold, and valuable items).

Volume: XI: Infinity Pools. Seven pools (1 foot high, 4-foot diameter, radiant colors). Images of distant realms (other planes, recognizable castles, hidden temples).

Volume XII: Hearthfire Throne. A solid gold throne (bright red cushions, gold tassels). Blazing hearth (intense heat, crackling, and popping). Dissonant whispers (spell mutterings, bits of song, recognizable lore).