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About PhD20

PhD20 is all about ideas and resources for Dungeons & Dragons and other Tabletop RPGs. We keep things simple, valuable, and fun.

This blog doesn't use cookies, JavaScript, or tracking of any kind. The goal is to get you information fast and without worry.

About the Author

đź‘‹ My name is Kirk. I've been playing D&D since 2010. In 2011, Chris Perkins chose my dungeon design as a finalist for his "Acererak's Apprentice" contest on the Dungeon Master Experience blog. That introduced me to some other creators and led me to YouTube, where I ran a D&D channel for the next five years.

I'm particularly passionate about the intersection of our hobby and technology—both the good and the bad. I write a lot about building campaigns and worlds and the tools to help us organize them.

Email me or find me on Mastodon.

Game on.

Picture of someone in a D&D beanie and wearing a D&D mask—only exposing their eyes.