NPCs are the lifeblood of our worlds. While creating quick NPCs is a useful tool, there are times when you want a bit more personality and depth. Enter 16Personalities—a tool for finding and understanding your personality traits. But for us game masters, it’s a pre-defined set of familiar personality traits and archetypes, ready for use in our games.

Personalities on the Fly

We can use 16Personalities on the fly to create interesting NPCs. Bookmark the Personality Types page and you’ve got 16 personality archetypes, all with excellent, short descriptions, ready to go. When you come up with an NPC on the fly, scan these types and grab whichever stands out. Now, you’ve got the seeds for your NPC’s personality.

Example Diplomat Personality Types: Advocate, Mediator, Protagonist, Campaigner

Add Depth to Existing NPCs

Looking to add more depth to an existing NPC? Look no further. We can drill into each of the 16 Personality Types as far as we like for more inspiration. From strengths & weaknesses to relationships to career paths and beyond—each personality type is loaded with details and examples to steal or inspire. And did I mention that each type lists examples of real and fictional people to fit the type? In case you were wondering, Yennefer of Vengerberg is an Architect—alongside Gandalf the Grey and Tywin Lannister.

Traveler looking at multiple paths in a confused manner.

There’s not much more to say about this excellent resource but there’s so much more we can do with it. Go find some NPC personalities today!